Foods That Are Good For Skin: Pearl Barley & Quinoa

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We all know that proteins, healthy ،s and plenty of fruit and veg are great for keeping healthy, but people sometimes struggle more with what to serve alongside these key elements. People often get into the mindset of carbs being the enemy, and forget that there are plenty of pulses and grains out there that contain key nutrients that our ،y needs to stay at its best. Not sure where to s،? Let me introduce you to two foods that are good for your skin: pearl barley and quinoa, both of which are rich in protein as well as skin-friendly nutrients, making them a great c،ice for vegans and veget،s, as well. Ready to learn more about these super grains? Read on, and pick up a copy of my book Eat Beautiful for skin-friendly recipes that you can try at ،me today.


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Pearl Barley

I bet you didn’t know this: pearl barley is a complete form of protein, like eggs. That’s right! It contains all nine amino acids, which you can only obtain from your diet. So if you’re vegan, or don’t eat eggs, pearl barley will make the perfect addition to your meals. It is also anti-inflammatory so it’s great if you suffer with problem skin, plus it is rich in dietary fibre, which is great for digestion and keeping skin clear and healthy, too. It contains B-complex vitamins and iron, calcium, ،،ium and zinc. And most importantly for your skin, the selenium helps to preserve elasticity, protect a،nst UV damage and help to support overall skin health. What a hidden hero!


Do you remember when quinoa suddenly s،ed popping up in everything? It sort of replaced couscous overnight, didn’t it?! Well, I’m glad it did. Unlike pearl barley, quinoa isn’t a grain, and is completely gluten-free, meaning it can be a really useful replacement for cereals, pasta and rice. It is high in protein and low in carbs, a great source of amino acids, and high in fibre to help boost your metabolism and keep skin clearer. There are also t،se skin-friendly B vitamins that make all the difference. Plus, it’s super filling, so if you’re trying to control your portion sizes or stop yourself from overdoing it on pudding, this is a great side for your main. It makes a great base for a poke bowl or salad, too!

Eat Beautiful contains recipes for Pearl Barley & C،colate Porridge and a delicious pomegranate salad with quinoa that you’ll love this season.

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