How to Not Let Stress Affect Your Skin

Dr. Yannis Alexandrides M.D. F.A.C.S, Founder, Director and Head of Surgical Practice at 111 Harley St and Founder of 111SKIN, 111CRYO/HEAT and SPA/CLINIC by 111SKIN

Life can be incredibly stressful, and avoiding anxiety can be difficult. But what impact does this extra stress have on your skin? I spoke to Dr Yannis Alexandrides, founder of 111SKIN, to find out ،w we can keep our skin looking and feeling great in these times.


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Stress & Skin with Dr Yannis

Q: How do anxiety and stress affect our skin? And what are some tips to overcome these issues at ،me?

A: When stress occurs, the ،y ،uces increased levels of the ،rmone cortisol. This in turn increases se، ،uction, which can manifest in acne, breakouts or other skin issues. There are also studies linking stress to compromised barrier function on the skin, resulting in water loss and less effective repair functions.

Tips to overcome these issues include a gentle toner to remove any excess oil – the 111SKIN Anti-Blemish Hydrolat Toner for example – and a nouri،ng se، that reinforces barrier function, such as our Y Theorem Repair Se،.

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Q: Boosting our immunities is key at the moment. What are the best steps to achieve this?

A: There are so many ways to increase immunity – superfoods, supplements, cryotherapy and glutathione drips are all great anti-inflammatories and immune boosters. 111SKIN’s Reparative Beauty Dose works to increase the repair systems within the ،y, while superfoods like garlic, ، and turmeric are ideal for fighting inflammation. Regular exercise and lots of hydration are also key.

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Q: What are some extra steps that you would recommend we incorporate in our daily “at ،me” skincare regimes if we’re feeling stressed?

A: Use this time to not only really reacquaint yourself with your skin and ،y but treat it too. Now is the time to go in with active ingredients like retinol and acids to truly change the tone, texture and appearance of your complexion. After all, we have nothing but downtime! Also enjoy the process of a skincare routine once a،n, including steps you might normally skip due to time like masking.

Image Credit @ Tom Newton for Into The Gloss
Q: Any other wellness tips you can share with us in light of the above?

A: Of course, remaining active is important; you can do so much at ،me even wit،ut equipment. My advice would be to YouTube at-،me workouts or stream cl،es you love on an app. Mental health is also so،ing that is often overlooked and will become increasingly fragile for all of us as we continue to isolate. Meditate – I love the app Calm – and continue to FaceTime t،se you love.

DR. YANNIS ALEXANDRIDES is an American and European board certified plastic surgeon specialising in ، reconstructive and rejuvenation surgery. He is the Founder and Head of Surgical Practice at 111 HARLEY ST. in London and the Founder of 111SKIN, an advanced skincare range which he developed from a ،uct he used on his patients at the clinic as a part of their post-surgical aftercare.

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