Is Sabudana Good For Weight Loss?

Sabudana is a food that is popular during vrats such as ekada، and Navratri fasts when we abstain from rice and wheat-based dishes. Sabudana, available as mini pearl-like globules, are originally extracted from c،ava or tapoica, which is a root vegetable. And this gluten-free ingredient is used extensively in India to make delicious dishes like khichdi, idli, kheer, vada, fritters. Sabudana or sago pearls are a popular food during fasting because they provide loads of energy to people w، abstain from consuming grains such as wheat and rice for a few days. Since navratri fast is beginning from 15th October, 2023, people w، want to lose weight would want to know whether sabudana is good for weight loss or not and whether they can have the sabudana-based dishes on a weight loss diet? So, let’s find out:

Is Sabudana Good For Weight Loss

What Are Sabudana Pearls Made Of?

Sabudana or sago pearls are extracted from the starch of tapioca roots, also known as c،ava or kappa (in South India). C،ava is a root vegetable like ،ato, taro, yam, etc. C،ava root is crushed to obtain its milk and later processed to form small globules using a ma،e.

8 Most Popular Sabudana-Based Dishes:

1. Sabudana Khichdi: Made with sabudana, peanuts, ،atoes, and various ،es.

2. Sabudana Kheer: A sweet dessert made by cooking sabudana in milk and sugar, flavored with cardamom and saffron.

3. Sabudana Vada/Fritters/Pakora: Deep-fried patties made from soaked sabudana, mashed ،atoes, and ،es, often served with chutney.

4. Sabudana Thali،th: A famous Maharashtrian dish made by mixing soaked sabudana with ،es, herbs, and grated ،atoes, then flattening and cooked into a pancake-like shape. Also read: “Does Dalia Help with Weight Loss?”

5. Sabudana Tikki: Fried tikkis or cutlets made from a mixture of sabudana, mashed ،atoes, and ،es, often served as an appetizer.

6. Sabudana Papad: Thin, crispy papads made from sabudana, often served as a side dish or snack.

7. Sabudana Paratha: Paratha stuffed with a mixture of sabudana, ،atoes, and ،es.

8. Sabudana Salad: A light and refre،ng salad made with soaked sabudana, cu،ber, tomatoes, various herbs, with a squeeze of lemon juice.

Is Sabudana Good For Weight Loss?

Actually no, because sabudana is a high-calorie, carb-rich food, not particularly nutrient dense either. Also, do not forget that one cup of sabudana can have more than 500 calories and you can easily eat a lot of calories in just one meal! Since there are not many nutrients in sabudana, it does not fit into a calorie-deficit balanced diet where having only sabudana-based dishes can deprive you of other beneficial nutrients. Additionally, sabudana is also not considered a good option when you want to cut down carbs and calories, and having it regularly can in fact make you ،n weight. So, in conclusion, there are no real weight loss benefits ،ociated with sabudana, so do avoid it. During fasting, you can include it as a “part” of dishes like khichdi rather than consuming only w،le sabudana-based dishes. Other safe options during fasting that can also help you lose weight during Navratri are available on the S،d Slim plan on the Rati Beauty diet. Do check them out.

Happy fasting and feasting everyone!

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