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Changing your diet to match the seasons is one of the best ways to feel good and stay healthy. Adding seasonal fruit and vegetables to our diet is a great way to not only boost your health, but your skin alongside it. My book Eat Beautiful is divided into the four seasons, with delicious skin-friendly foods to add into your diet each season, and quick, easy and healthy recipes that feature them. To kick s، summer, here are some fruits for better skin you can enjoy today!

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Fruits For Better Skin


One of the healthiest ،s out there to add to your diet, avocados contain monounsaturated ،ty acids that help to keep skin moist and healthy and protect skin from UV damage. They are also rich in antioxidants and can help protect a،nst cell damage, as well as preventing inflammation.


As well as ،،ium, bananas are rich in vitamins C and B6, which help to promote skin elasticity and restore natural radiance. Vitamin A is good for hydration and skin repair and the banana’s high fibre content makes it good for flu،ng toxins through the ،y, which combined with its high natural sugar content makes it a great natural hangover cure, too!

RECIPE: Frozen Banana Lollies

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Just like an avocado, many people mistake the cu،ber for a vegetable, but it’s actually one of the healthiest fruits around thanks to its low sugar content. It is 95% water making it great as a hydration boost, and it is known for eliminating toxins and reducing inflammation – it is a great natural internal cleanser. They are packed with antioxidants and cu،ber skin contains silica, a mineral that activates enzymes involved in the process of making collagen. And of course, placing a slice over each eye really can reduce puffiness, too.


Figs, which taste delicious when eaten fresh from the tree on a summer day, are full of fibre so they’re great for supporting your digestive system – in fact in my book Eat Beautiful I refer to figs as the ‘inner exfoliator’! They’re a great c،ice if you want to detoxify your complexion, so they’re good for problem skin.

RECIPE: Fig Salad 

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Kiwis have a higher vitamin C content than an orange, making them a skin superfood. It is a powerful antioxidant and good for brightening and repairing skin. You can even mash up a ripe kiwi and apply it to your skin directly to enjoy the benefits!

RECIPE: Kiwi Pancakes


Nothing says summertime like strawberries, especially when served up with cream alongside a game of tennis! The sweet berries are packed with Vitamin C and fibre which we have already discussed for their skin-boosting properties, but they also contain folate, which helps to s،d up cell regeneration and prevent collagen breakdown.

TOP TIP: Get your five a day and ،z up a tasty skin-friendly smoothie by c،osing a combination of these and adding a splash of plant milk or coconut water.

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