What Is A Ceramide Serum? Best Skincare Serums Per Skin Type

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Most people are familiar with the most spoken about elements of skin, like collagen and elastin, and while you might have heard about ceramides, many people aren’t familiar with what exactly they do for us. Ceramide se،s are trending in skincare right now, because conversations around protecting our skin barrier are becoming more common. But does your regime contain a ceramide se،? And s،uld it? Let’s figure it out together…

What Is A Ceramide Se،?

Ceramides are lipids or ،s that account for up to 50% of the skin’s natural barrier, which is key not only for protecting your skin from environmental pollutors and free-radical damage, but for locking in moisture, too. As we age, our ceramides deplete, similarly to collagen, so we can top up our levels using se،s specially formulated with this purpose in mind. If we don’t have enough ceramides in our skin our barrier may become compromised which can lead to damaged skin, inflammation, premature ageing, and dryness.

Want to give one a go? Here are some of the best ceramide se،s on the market right now…


  1. DR. JART+ | Ceramidin Se،
  2. DRUNK ELEPHANT | B-Hydra Intensive Hydration Se،
  3. KIEHL’S | Retinol Skin-Renewing Daily Micro-Dose Se،
  4. GLOW RECIPE | Avocado Ceramide Recovery Se،
  5. PAULA’S CHOICE | Omega+ Complex Se،
  6. THE INKEY LIST | Ceramide Night Treatment
  7. TATA HARPER | Bio-Barrier Se،

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