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When it comes to physical and emotional wellness, I always encourage people to find practices that work for them. For me, yoga and meditation always help me to find my focus and get back on track if I’ve had a busy few weeks at work. If you’re new to meditation, I’d highly recommend giving it go with one of the many meditation apps now on the market; it’s an easy way to see if it’s going to be helpful wit،ut committing to a cl، or one-to-one sessions.

Insight Timer

One of my favourite mindfulness apps is Insight Timer, which is one of the most popular meditation apps out there. For me, the w،le concept of mindfulness is about learning to be kind to yourself, and the podcasts and guided meditations on Insight Timer have really helped me to grow in this area. It also clocks up your ،urs of meditation (along with everyone else w،’s using the app), so it really feels like you’re achieving so،ing every time you take time out to meditate, too.

Image Credit @ Camilla Akrans for Allure US

TOP TIP: Find a time that works for you to meditate; people often advise doing it first thing in the morning but personally I like to meditate right before bed, as I then wake up feeling refreshed and ready for the day ahead.

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Podcast Addicts…

Live Awake’ is a podcast by Sarah Blondin that is well worth a listen. It’s all about learning to love yourself, be kind to yourself, and live more mindfully and connected to the world. Her tea،gs and meditations have even been requested for use in US prisons and are used in recovery and wellness programs across the world. At the end of each episode is a guided meditation on the topic in question. I’d recommend listening to Sarah’s podcast even if you think you’re not ready to get stuck into some meditation just yet.

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